Fear The FCS- 10 Most Likely FBS Upsets

Photo: Skyline Sports

Photo: Skyline Sports

By Kylor Neale, FCS Fans Nation

Huck it, Chuck it, Football.

The season is upon us Folks, and I for one could not be more excited. College football season to me is the same as Christmas morning for any young boy. Wake up, run down the stairs, and instantly tear apart gifts hoping for that Nerf Gun you saw during a commercial break while watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Now my routine is slightly different, but the excitement is still the same. Wake up, pour a cup of coffee, and check the ESPN app or game times. Once that first game starts, I unwrap my box of Craft Beer and open my first refreshing beverage of the day (just slightly less cool than that Nerf Blaster).

All that aside… There are 42 FCS vs. FBS matchups in Week 1, and I’m curious, from an analytical stance, who has the best chance of upsetting the FBS. The gap in talent and level of play between the two subdivisions is closing every year- in 2017 there were 9 FCS over FBS upsets. FCS Fans Nation has partnered with Compughter Ratings to identify the Top 10 FCS teams most likely to take down their FBS Foe. For at least the 2nd year in a row, an FCS squad is actually favored in their big money game (JMU was favored vs ECU in 2017). Without further ado, here are the Top 10 chances for an FCS “upset” over FBS opponents.

“Ten Potential FCS upsets- a Ranking”

 1.     Northern Arizona vs University of Texas El Paso              -7.96 favorite

2.     UC Davis vs San Jose State                                                1.82 underdog

3.     Kennesaw State vs Georgia State                                      5.59 underdog

4.     Central Connecticut State vs Ball State                             10.17 underdog

5.     SE Louisiana vs Louisiana Monroe                                     10.24 underdog

6.     University of Central Arkansas vs Tulsa                             11.71 underdog

7.     North Carolina A&T vs East Carolina                                   12.2 underdog

8.     Fordham vs UNC Charlotte                                                 12.35 underdog

9.     South Dakota State vs Iowa State                                       12.79 underdog

10.  Grambling State vs Louisiana Lafayette                                13.4 underdog


Which other games should we look out for in week one for potential #FeartheFCS moments? Let us know in the comments!