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Founded in 2016, FCS Fans Nation grew quickly and attracted fans from all around the United States, and abroad. With 10,000 members across all platforms, FCS Fans Nation is an engaging community built on fan generated content. With an official podcast, in house Top 10 Ranking, and unique articles written by community members, FCS Fans Nation is the premier community for fans of college football’s most authentic division.

Our Team

Wyatt Cook

School: James Madison

Wyatt was born in Illinois but was raised in the purple and gold of Harrisonburg. His father worked with the JMU football team for over 10 years and Wyatt has attended almost every home game since 2003. He is currently attending West Virginia University and majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Wyatt founded FCS Fans Nation in 2016.

Favorite game attended:

"The 2004 National Championship vs Montana. Obviously I don’t remember much about the actual game, but what I do is fantastic. We flew on Hooters Air down to Chattanooga, Tennessee. After the game, everyone rushed the field and a huge celebration ensued."


Kylor Neale

School: Eastern Washington

Kylor was born and raised in Western Washington. “My family and I moved to multiple cities across that region. I’m ashamed to say this but I didn’t even know EWU was a school until my friend asked if I wanted to go visit the campus my Jr. year in HS. That weekend EWU played Historic rival CWU. I instantly fell in love with the campus, school and location. After that weekend I was dead set on attending EWU which I did between 2007-2011. As a student I was able to witness EWU win the National Championship which was a memory I’ll never forget. Now I live across country but still rep EWU wherever I go and do my best to attend at least one EWU game a year.”

Favorite Game Attended: 

"2010 Semifinals match-up Villanova @ Eastern Washington This for one was the coldest game I have ever attended. It was a December night game in Cheney Washington. Of course I was really excited that we were hosting a Semifinal game. So I decided it would be smart to go to the game with a painted EWU chest. Was it a dumb move? Yes, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I was shivering the whole game but had a blast. Especially when we rushed the field after we won 41-31 and sent our team to go win it’s first National Championship."

Matthew Fraase

School: North Dakota State

Matthew is a born and raised small town North Dakotan. His father attended NDSU, who’s love for Bison football came from the Phil Hansen 1980’s championship years. Matthew attended many NDSU games throughout his life, back when tickets were easier to come by simply from a Stop-N-Go gas fill up, or a Subway Footlong ticket promotion. After high school, Matthew served in the United States Marine Corps from 2008 to 2012. He watched NDSU’s first playoff run in 2010 from a deployed location. He currently is serving full time with the North Dakota Air National Guard, his office window has a nice view of the FargoDome right across the street. He has been to Frisco 4 of the 6 times and only misses home games that conflict with military service.

Favorite Game attended:

"Honestly, it’s a tossup between Georgia Southern vs. NDSU Semifinal 2012 or NDSU vs. Illinois State 2014 in Frisco. From my FargoDome corner endzone seat, it was amazing to see Brock Jensen on 4th and 3 win the game to send us to Frisco for a second straight time. Right on par with that experience was Carson Wentz’s 2 Minute Drill in Frisco to defeat Illinois State for NDSU’s 4th straight FCS Title."

Kelsey Hatch-Brecek

School: Eastern Washington

Kelsey is a 3rd Generation Eagle, who lives and breathes all things EWU, even earning the nickname “Queen Eag” for her support of the Eagles. Kelsey graduated from Eastern Washington in 2005. She manages an Event Planning and Event Production Company in Spokane, often times putting on events for the different EWU Organizations/Departments. Since college, she’s continued to be a huge fan, season ticket holder and regularly travels to away games to see the Eags in action.

Favorite Game attended:

"EWU at #25 Oregon State in 2013; easily the hottest game I have ever sat through. It was the perfect storm for Oregon State—we walked into Reser Stadium that afternoon, like we had nothing to lose…. Racking up 625 yards of offense, and Vernon couldn’t be stopped. Scoring with 18 seconds left to go to take the lead was something I will never forget! I definitely lost about 10 years of my life that game, but it’s so worth it to be a part of that history!"

Lawrence Smith

School: James Madison

Lawrence is a 2nd Generation Duke. His parents attended Madison College, which became James Madison University during their time in Harrisonburg. Lawrence has been a season ticket holder for over 10 years now, and regularly travels to away games to support the Dukes. When not tending to FCS Fans Nation, Lawrence is a Supervisor at Kohl's Department Store and a referee in the US Soccer Referee Program.

Favorite Game attended:

"JMU vs. Richmond, 2008- the #1 ranked Dukes trailed the #5 ranked Spiders 23-31 with 3:21 remaining. The Dukes recorded the game-tying score with :59 left on the clock. On the ensuing drive, the Spiders were forced to punt after going 3 & out. JMU's legendary return man Scotty McGee fielded the punt and returned it 69 yards for a Touchdown with no time left on the clock, breaking old, sweater-vested Tick hearts."


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