2019 FCS Fans Nation Pick Em Challenge

Our Pick Em Challenge is back for its 3rd year in 2019! As always, the winner will take home a cash prize at the end of the season!


We will be donating half of the registration fee from every participant to a charity of the groups choosing!

How it works

STEP 1: Register and pay the $10 entrance fee to be eligible to win the cash prize at the end of the year!


Play as a Free Play Member- these players can take home all of the bragging rights, but are not eligible to win the cash prize.

STEP 2: Select who you think will be the winner of each Pick Em Challenge matchup each week. If you’re right, you get a point. If you correctly predict the winner of the Game of the Week, you get 3 points.

STEP 3: During the playoffs, point values will increase each round, reflecting the importance of each new game!

STEP 4: Once the Championship Game is over, the eligible player with the most total points takes home the cash prize!

Register Below

Please provide the requested info. Once your registration is received, one of our admins will contact you to collect your registration fee of $10.

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